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Holy Soul


It was amazing working on this music video for Salt Cathedral's single 'Holy Soul'. I got to write a narrative for an awesome song and cast a friend and fellow actor, Curtiss Cook Jr. Two over night shoots and 3 hours of sleep later, we all made something pretty spectacular.


The video premiered on VICE, received an official IMVDB Pick, as well as an official Vimeo Staff Pick. Check it out under Original Content.

MTV / Trojans Commercial


My first commercial was about sex. It was awesome.  Because let's be honest, sex is always funny. Check out more about the campaign in the New York Times.

The Text of Sex


Being a part of the FringeNYC for the first time was pretty brilliant. The Text of Sex is written by Michele Aldin Kushner and explores the use of technology in our ever-sexier society. I've barely gotten the hang of in-person sexual interactions, so learning about sexting was very enlightening. Check out The Text of Sex website for more information on how awesome this show was.



If I could do sketch every Monday morning just to start the week off right, I would. In this sketch I got to play a prude that's awkwardly intrigued by weird sex shit. So. You know. I was typecast.

Shedding Skin


I was in my first music video! Chill out guys, I didn't sing...

For most of the shooting I was able to just sit and watch world-renowned Bharatnatyam dancer Vrinda Sheth for the MC Yogi's song 'Shedding Skin'. It was fascinating and beautiful.  The video was produced by the wonderful people of Little Sky Films.



"MasterDate" is a new webseries by Covert Bacon. The show follows a group of girls as they maneuver through the perils and awkwardness of dating in your 20s. Online. MasterDate's pilot will be premiering at the 2014 VIDEOink.


This shot is literally the only screenshot MasterDate's producers would send me for my website. I can only deduce from this that my producers love me so much that they are trying to prevent me from being cast in the future. So they can keep me for themselves.

Unexcused Absence


I finished out Winter with the short film, "Unexcused Absence". The film follows boys being boys and girls working at Mooters. I'm just glad I was able to wear a tank that said Mooters.

Promised Land


Rehearsals for "Promised Land" started in the Winter and I wrapped the short this past April. The film examines the inner-battle of a young man as he decides between fulfilling his aspirations or staying near the ones that he loves.I was so glad to have worked on a project that is so relevant to myself. Although I was pretty pumped to leave Virginia.

A Place of Our Own


I am PUMPED to have worked on The Spirit Farm's short film, "A Place of Our Own," produced by Memphis' Alexandra Byer and starring Curtiss Cook Jr. from Ryan Koo's "Amateur". The Spirit Farm is a collective of 8 artists, currently based in New York and Los Angeles, who are dedicated to creating films that push boundaries and, like its members, live on the outskirts of the norm. Director Joshua Gleason was brilliant, matching the talent and spirit of the rest of the cast and crew. This project is the gift that keeps on giving. 


Stage Pell-Mell: The Grey Matter of Wandering Minds and the Plight of Lost Souls {or} Mumbo Jumbo: A Show in


Screw waiting around for a good story, I wrote one of my own! This past November I showcased multiple short works I wrote over the past year, as well as a collection of other original performance art pieces, in "Stage Pell-Mell: The Grey Matter of Wandering Minds and the Plight of Lost Souls {or} Mumbo Jumbo: A Show in Dumbo." The show was a hit described as a "collective masterpiece" and "an event that makes you feel. That's the only way to describe it."


I was so fulfilled producing and curating this show. To see the line-up and a few pictures from the event, visit the Stage Pell-Mell Website. Stay tuned for the next one!

Daddy's Girl


Summer 2013 I wrapped "Daddy's Girl." In the short film my character, Emily, struggles with her father returning home and revealing himself as transgender. Emily must decide if she can accept her father as the mother he feels inside or run from her family. I loved being a part of a story that centered on issues and struggles that are very close to my heart.


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